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Gerald Rieth

Gerald Rieth

LORAIN - Gerald Rieth, age 87, of Lorain, passed away Thursday, June 25, 2015, at his home surrounded by his loving family following a brief illness.

He was born on Oct. 12, 1927, in Lorain, to Henry and Helen (nee McDermott) Rieth and attended Lorain High School. Out of high school, he enlisted and served in the United States Navy.

Gerald made his career in sales at the Reidy-Scanlan Furniture Store in Lorain for over 30 years. Jerry was a talented builder and built many properties and shared his interest with his 2 sons which prompted the forming of Rieth Realty Inc.

He was a member of the Lorain City Club and the Central Business Men's Club. He had a passion for playing tennis and softball and was an avid reader. He also enjoyed boogie boarding with his grandchildren at his home in Florida.

Gerald is survived by his wife of 67 years, Helen (nee Baumhardt) Rieth; his sons, Jim (Doreen) Rieth and Tom (Kathleen) Rieth; grandsons, Zachary (Heather), Jacob (Tanya), and Josh Rieth; great-grandsons, Gavin, Sammy, Jaxson and Maxim.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Henry and Helen Rieth; and his brother, Roy Rieth. The Rieth family will receive friends on Monday, June 29, 2015, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Dovin and Reber Jones Funeral & Cremation Center, 1110 Cooper Foster Park Road, Amherst. Private family interment will take place at a later date. Online condolences may be left for the family at

Published in The Morning Journal on June 28, 2015


Email Tributes to Jerry from Pebble Beach Villas Friends

Sad news. Jerry was a real stalwart. Great memories of his booming enthusiastic voice coming from the tennis court as he played game after game with and gave free lessons to my mom and other PVB'ers of what is now a bygone era.
Michael W. Halstead

I am very sorry to hear this this news. As our next door neighbour, Jerry has been a family friend for well over 30 years. I will miss his 'youthful enthusiasm', home renovation ideas, and playing tennis and body surfing with him, not to mention our many conversations about life at Pebble Beach and the world beyond. A great individual who marched to his own drumbeat.
RIP my friend.
Michael Fisher

Oh, that is so sad. I will miss him and his voice on the tennis court outside my window. I will miss hanging with him and his dog on the beach in the evenings. He was a fixture at PBV and his loss is a loss for all of us.
Condolences and prayers to Peanie and the family.
Sherrie McNulty
Sherrie McNulty

Jerry was a legend at Pebble Beach Villas. His independent nature could sometimes try the patience of a Saint, but you could never really get upset with him because he was such a genuinely nice guy. Jerry was always the first to pitch in whenever anything needed to be done, the first to lift a hand to help a friend or neighbor. His vision and spirit of community epitomized all that makes PBV the wonderful place we all enjoy. Having known and worked with Jerry in various capacities for almost 25 years, I will truly miss him as a neighbor and personal friend. Our love and prayers are with Peanie and their family during this time of their bereavement..
Jerri and Paul
Paul Ives

This is so sad and he will be missed. His boyish enthusiasm was so inspiring. I can't look at the tennis court at PBV without thinking of him. Our sympathies go to Peanie and family,
Paula and Mark
Paula Decubellis

Like everybody else at Pebble Beach Villas, I’m stunned. Jerry died before he ever got old. Every image I have of Jerry is of a young man. Walking alone on the beach a mile or more north from PBV. Waving as he passed on his bike with Abby in the basket. Always, always, playing tennis. Energized from a morning of kayaking with a grandson. Helping me spread mulch on my new garden. Learning to play the keyboard. Singing all the old songs we could remember with Ann Burke and me. Jerry had a youthful interest in anything interesting, like the historical photo display at the local McDonalds. And, he had an unfiltered way of stating his opinions. He took one look at my condo decor and said, "Hmmm... Eclectic!” (meaning nothing matches here). He also had a childlike pleasure at solving a problem. When he saw that Charlie couldn’t fit a large screen into his car, he put the top down on his little red convertible, placed the screen on top of the seats and tossed Charlie the keys. That made Jerry happy. Just a boy with his dog. How we shall miss him!
Bette and Charlie
Bette Tsoutsouras

We are saddened by the passing of Jerry. The view from our unit will never be the same without being able to watch him on the tennis court, not only playing and teaching, but exercising Abby and considering ways to improve the facility. He always was working on ideas to improve PBV and was always willing to aid in that effort. Jerry added so much to the lives of PBV owners, guests and visitors. We will never have another quite like him. He will be missed by all of us. Our condolences to Peanie and to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Frank and Jean
Frank McCauley

Jerry was truly a one of a kind... Impossible to forget or ever replace. He will always be remembered for his booming baritone voice, his ever presence on the tennis court...happily playing with anyone who would play with him,his daily strolls with Abby and his love of card games and conversation. He will be truly missed. Our thoughts are with you Peanie and your family at this time of great loss.
Susan and Jay
Susan Hansen

Our prayers are with Peanie and her family as they cope with the loss of Jerry. When I remember Jerry I think of Abbey and this quote: She is your friend,your partner,your defender,your dog. You are her life,her love,her leader. She will be yours,faithful and true to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion. Jerry was certainly worthy of Abbey's devotion.
Lorraine & Dick Manthey
Lorraine & Dick Manthey

Living directly across the way from Jerry, he was one of the first people I met and often the first voice I heard outside my door in the morning. He had a fresh, totally unorthodox approach to life which he shared with total abandon! We will remember so many things, which bring a smile. I don't know whether he was a Sinatra fan, but he had mastered living his life much like the famous lyrics of My Way. Love and prayers to Peenie and the family.
Anita and Byrn
Anita and Byrn Williamson

Jerry Reith appreciated life and lived it to the fullest. He recognized the importance of family and never missed an opportunity to have fun with them. He had a genuine interest in everything around him. And was always happy to discuss and learn something new. Jerry had a "joie de vi re" that was infectious and made life a little more stimulating for everyone at P.B.V. He was a very good friend......our whole family loved him......everyone will miss him.
Joanna & Nick
Joanna & Nick Mele

Our friend and neighbour for over 30 years... My final memory of Jerry will be this past April as my husband Lew, Jerry and I were in the ocean together, laughing and talking about life. We all walked back to the shore arm in arm where Abby was waiting for him. As we were showering off Jerry looked at me with a big grin and exclaimed "Don't you hate it when the sand gets into your belly button?! "
Jerry was a generous man, offering his convertible to my son and cousins so they could go cruising for "Chics" - Jerry could always tell them the best places to go!
When my father Bob was alive, Jerry always stepped in to help him with any kind of "fix-it" issue he might have had. So many fun tennis games, stories about his past business experiences and his willingness to share his wisdom on business and life; he kept us interested.
I loved hearing his updates on all the family (Jim, Tom, spouses and all the grand and great grandchildren) which he did so with such pride.
My kids have known Jerry and Peannie from infancy and love them both. We will miss you so very much.
Lew & Joanne Mele (Nicolas & Cara)
Joanne Mele

The first question Jerry asked every PBV newcomer was, "Do you play tennis or bridge?" If your answer was no, he'd say, "Too bad." He really felt sorry for you.
Bette Tsoutsouras

What a legacy of fun he has left. I love reading these tributes!
Paula Decubellis

We were so warmly welcomed by everyone when we moved to PBV; but Jerry, with his great voice and in his own special way, verbally gave us the "Instruction Manual for a Great Life in PBV!"
1. Be friendly.
2. Become involved.
3. Get to know your neighbors.
4. Offer your help.
5. Share your time.
6. Listen to stories.
7. Play in the ocean.
8. Take your grandchildren to the beach at night to share the mysteries of nature.
The last time we were down, he held himself steadily in the ocean as big waves crashed around him. We were anxiously ready to help him if he fell. He didn't...he just smiled. He knew...and he continued to follow the rules for a great life in PBV. Thank you, Jerry!
Our thoughts and prayers to Peanie, their family, and Abby!
Thinking of all you with our loss,
Jim and Mary Anne, Katie, Jim, Kasey, J, Sara, Ryan, Jessie, Jimmy and Erin
Mary Anne

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Jerry. In our three winters in Pebble Beach Villas, I spent lots of time walking on the beach, that he also enjoyed walking with Abby - Everyone's comments could be our comments also. He will be missed by the Pebble Beach Villa Community, I am sure.
Martha R. Goings
Martha R. Goings


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