In Memoriam
Roy Van Nostrand

LeRoy Van Nostrand, Jr.
October 24, 1917--October 28, 2012

Roy's beloved wife Peggy passed away on April 21, 2014.
LeRoy Van Nostrand, Jr. was known by mst people as Roy throughout the village and Suffolk county as a community leader and attorney.

Roy was a careful steward of resources put into his trust. He will long be remembered at First UMC for his leadership as a Trustee. Often he served as chair, with his sound judgment and fair guidance and he managed the church's endowment. Roy was proud of its growth and at times felt responsible when it declined. He was Sunday School Superintendent for the 4th-6th grades for years. For the annual Laity Sunday he directed "Roy's Boys," a men's chorus. He was the brother of Mary Elizabeth Huszagh and the late Albert Van Nostrand.

Roy and his wife Margaret "Peggy" (nee Markham) celebrated 70 years of marriage on May 1, 2012. They were the parents of Judith Sturgis (Robert), Gail MacFarland (Robert) and David (Jeanne). They were cherished as the grandparents of eight and equally proud of his six great grandchildren.

Roy was able to get home from the hospital on his birthday, October 24. During the festivities as the family sang "Happy Birthday," Roy chimed in with "Happy birthday to me!"

Peggy & Roy

On Christmas 2012, we received the following letter from Peggy:
Merry Christmas, Dear Family and Friends,

May 1st was our 70th Anniversary. Roy and I celebrated with a party at home, surrounded by friends and family, including great gradnchildren.

Over the summer, Roy's health declined and he spent time in the hospital. He came home on his 95th birthday, which we celebrated with the family. He died a few days later, just before hurricane Sandy hit Long Island.

I miss him every day, but I'm so glad we had seventy wonderful years together!

I'm looking forward to the birth of great grandchild #7 any day now (child of grandson Jeff and Kirt). One more happy thing: granddaughter Karen has just become engaged to Steve Harsche and now I have a wedding to look forward to.

I wish you all a happy Chriustmas and a Happy New Year, and look forward to hearing news of you and your families.

Merry Christmas,


The Lorna Doone
Built in 1958 and bought by the Van Nostrands in the 60s. It is a 33' wooden sloop, built for the Bay.


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