2019-2020 Season

The Year in Pictures

Coronavirus 2020! "Everything has Changed"

Signs of the Times!


Leslie, Shirley, Eleanor, & Joanie self-distancing while excercising!

Our friend Elli self-distancing while Reading!



Jaycee Park Playground Closed!

Beachside Restaurant now open only for take-out.

Our granddaughter Molly. Self-quarantining!

My cousin Peggy. All the way from Melbourne
just to find toilet paper!

Almost everyone obeys this!
But some ignore this!
Charlie & I spend many afternoons self-distancing on Indian River Shores!

Beach Closed!

Nothing is the same! Not even Riverside Park,
where I have walked since 1985!

A solitary walk now on Riverside Park!

Early morning! No one walking on the beach!
It started pouring just as we got to the PBV driveway!

"The sun will come up tomorrow!"

Holy Cross. A Peek Through the Glass Door

Closed on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Closed on Orthodox Easter Sunday, April 17, 2020

Temple Shalom

Closed on Passover

The Village Market. Closed on Easter Sunday

No Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Muffin Today.

Hearing that Cleveland Clinic Hospital of Vero Beach
needed fabric masks for their staff, Maddie, inspiring
many of her PBV friends, delivered over 300 hand made masks
to Scott Duncan of Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

From Pebble Beach Villas to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital
with a little help from our friend.

A Late Afternoon Walk around Fellsmere.
New Friends
Beach Opened! Tuesday, April 28, 2020 with a few caveats:
Allowed are "walking, running, swimming, paddleboarding & kayaking."
Prohibited are "sunbathing, picniking, group sports, activities, sitting & being stationary."
(Section 205.05 Code, Indian River County & Section 252.47, Florida Statutes).
"For every thing there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven"

Thanksgiving 2019

Halloween Party


1st Annual Mixed Media Gallery Gala


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